• Integration: NLP & Spirituality / April 25-28, 2019

    Integration: NLP & Spirituality / April 25-28, 2019

    “Mastering Self – becoming your own Teacher and Healer”

    – Advanced Chi Kung, NLP, Shamanism


    • Develop the ability to experience states of transcendent happiness without drugs or other outside props.
    • Overview the world’s great spiritual traditions without getting trapped into a particular belief system.
    • Create a long life with mental clarity, and robust physical health, using 30 minutes a day.
    • Stop being pulled in four different directions by health challenges, career demands, spiritual longings, and relationship difficulties. Integrate so that each area supports the others!



    Living life is riding a river running back into the ocean of love. You can touch this ocean. Take some time during this life, which is so precious and so extraordinarily beautiful, and face this fundamental reality with all the passion, all the energy you can. Be and do what you came to this planet to be and do!

    The universe is gracious, and together we will come upon something beyond description.

    This is a training combining the ancient wisdom of Chinese chi kung, shamanism and meditation with the modern science of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Chi Kung (Qigong) is the basis of Tai Chi, Kung Fu and acupuncture.

    Research at the Beijing College of Traditional Chinese medicine shows that these breathing, movement and meditation techniques prolong life, promote stress free healthy functioning, and assist healing.


    The Integration experience includes 5 Core Elements:


    • Universal Tao Chi Kung training (The inner smile, the six healing sounds, opening the microcosmic orbit and utilising universal, cosmic, earth and sexual energy). Powerfully increase your health and energy level and extend your life. Create emotional harmony and increase spiritual awareness. Richard and Julia are both Certified Instructors with the Universal Tao, and certified practitioners of the Universal Tao’s Cosmic Healing method. The Universal Tao is the world’s most widely recognised Chi Kung training organisation, set up by Taoist Master Mantak Chia and based in north Thailand.


    • Zhineng Qigong / Chi Lel (TM) chi kung training (Level One: Lift Chi Up plus Level Two: Body and Mind method). After 4224 research studies at 90 universities, Chi Lel has verified its ability to heal illnesses which do not respond to other treatments. Richard Bolstad is a certified instructor of Chi Lel having trained in China with Master Yoshan Jin, and in the USA with Luke Chan. Julia trained in Zhineng Chi Kung with Helen Ling and Karl Qiu at the Beijing Wisdom Healing Centre.


    • The Ascending States Process, The Unanswerable Question Process, and other new NLP processes modelled from the work of teachers such as Jiddu Krishnamurti, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and Ramana Maharshi. Richard and Julia are certified NLP Trainers with the IANLP. 


    • Shamanic Journeying. Julia Kurusheva has trained with indigenous shamans from America and the Pacific and is certified in the healing methods of Huna (Hawaiian Shamanism) with Serge Kahili King of Aloha International.


    • Daily meditation, as well as quiet time to reflect on your experience, and the opportunity to share in a spiritual community with like-minded participants. Your every need is taken care of, freeing you up to be.


    What particpants said from the training:


    • « Julia Kurusheva and Richard Bolstad weave magic together to present an awesome package. A spiritual odyssey. » – Sue Tympkin, NLP Master Practitioner & therapist


    • « Chi Kung exercises and NLP processes that took me to the state of « being ». The loving atmosphere; the integrity and honesty of the trainers… This is an amazing training course. I feel as if I’ve been very gently woken up from 39 years of slumber. If you are seeking enlightenment do this! » – Chris Lampard, Business Trainer


    • « Richard taught with great knowledge and grace. Julia delivered sessions with goddess-like passion and beauty. Six days of awakening, with fun and laughter. The most valuable time out for yourself possible. » – Sue Arnold-Olivercrona, Business Coach and Trainer


    • « As a result of breast cancer treatment at 45 years I am fully into menopause and severe frequent hot flushes. Unable to take Hormone Replacement Therapy or any phyto-oestrogens for controlling these I was feeling stressed by this. My sleep on the second night after two days of this workshop was the first since my operation that I have not been woken by hot flushes. Usually my sleep is disturbed 4-10 times each night. I was amazed and excited. Thank you. » – D. New Zealand


    • « Extra-ordinary sensations. Obviously very powerful and very healing. I could feel the sensation most of the day, and could pump it up and draw from the energy centre. » – Heather Haswell, career counsellor, Wellington.


    • « Expansion of possibilities of what the body can do. Excellent… I didn’t get the ‘convincers’ I was after until day three when I began to get some ‘wicked’ sensations. » – Richard Kerr, Wellington, New Zealand


    Workshop Venue

    Nouvata Hotel, 123 promenade Roger Laroque, Anse Vata, Nouméa (New Caledonia)

    Hotel Nouvata, Noumea, New Caldonia



    Workshop Price : 140 000 XPF

    Places are limited


    Two enrolment Options 


    « Early bird offer » (15 % OFF) – If enrolment before 31/12/2018 :

    120 000 XPF

    50% deposit (60 000 XPF) to secure your enrolment, balance to be paid before 28 february 2019


    From January 1st, 2019 – Workshop price : 140 000 XPF

    30% deposit to book your reservation : 42 000 XPF

    Outstanding balance (98 000 XPF) to be paid the first day of the workshop


    To enrol, please contact Sylvie Mann-Moulédous, Vivre Mieux

    e-mail address: s.mann@lagoon.nc


    Conditions applying

    The organisers (Vivre Mieux and Transformations International Consulting and Training Ltd) are reserving the right to cancel or reschedule the training.

    Should the workshop be cancelled by Vivre Mieux or Transformations International Consulting and Training Ltd. your payment will be fully reimbursed.

    If you cancel your registration your payment will not be refunded.




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